Magikitch'n FM-SMB-636 Commercial Gas Charbroiler

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-Free floating top grid ½” (1.3 cm) steel rods allows expansion and contraction without warping.
-E-Z Tilt top grid drains grease into front trough.
-Round top grid with standard spacing with quick lift handle.
-Convertible Radiant design to Coal style.
-Fully Insulated double walled outer cabinet.
-Stainless steel on all four sides.
-6” (15.2 cm) stainless service shelf.
-Runner tube pilot system.
-Individual front burner controls for precise regulation.
-All stainless steel burners for long life.
-Single ¾” gas connection.
-Burners are 15Kbtu or optional High output 20Kbtu.


Gas Type: Natural.
BTU/Hr Input: 105,000.
Number of Burners: 7.
Dimensions: 56"W x 35"D x 47"H.
Weight: 295 lbs.

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