Talsa W130-U3 Commercial Meat Grinder - 52" Head - 7.5 HP

Talsa W130-U3 Commercial Meat Grinder - 52" Head - 7.5 HP

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-Made entirely of stainless steel
-Removable throat
-Lubricated, metallic gearbox
-Thermally protected motor
-Safety switch
-Large feed pan/tray with CE hand guard
-Feed stomper
-Worm extractor wrench
-High quality knifes and plates from Lumbeck & Wolter Germany
-Double Cutting System E-130
-1 pre-cutting kidney plate 3 large straight holes
-1 double cutting knife, "Robot-S4" L&W
-2 plates DIN9805, holes 0.2" and 0.31" (5 and 7.8mm)
-1 compensation ring and 1 single cutting knife supplied to use as Unger-2 system for single cutting (1 plate and 1 knife)

*Additional knives and plates available at extra cost

Warranty: 1 Year parts


Tray Capacity: 78 Liters.
Volts: 400/380. Apms: 13.2. HP: 7.5. kW: 5.5. Third Phase.
Dimensions: 64" W x 105" D x 125" H.
Weight: 510 Lbs.

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