Vendo VR06 Small Commercial Glass Door Merchandiser Cooler / Refrigerator

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The Vendo VR06 Single Door Cooler is one of the most energy efficient coolers in the market today, consuming up to 25% less energy than similar products. Electronic Temperature Control: Our standard controller maintains temperature efficiently based on surrounding conditions, self adjusting to the right temperature for your products. Electronic fan motors allow better performance, using only a fraction of the energy required by a shaded pole motor. “Low-E” double pane Argon gas lled glass-pack with an extruded insulated plastic frame, making this door the most energy efficient in its category. LED perimeter lighting system, uses a portion of the energy of regular fluorescent lights, and need no replacement for seven years. CFC and HFC free Cyclopentane foam is eco-friendly and a high efficiency insulator. Evaporator housing is made from highly resistant and easy to clean plastic. Heavy duty 24 gauge pre-painted steel exterior provides years of durability and the highest quality painted nish available today.


115V, 2.5 amps
Measures 36?h x 21&1/4?w x 27&5/8?d. Shipping weight approximately 200 lb.

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