Groen TDB/7-20 Commercial 20 QT Tilt Steam Kettle - 208V, 3 Phase

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The TDB are table top, tilting, steam jacketed kettles with a thermostatically controlled, self-contained, electrically-heated steam supply and appropriate controls.

The body of the kettle is constructed of stainless steel, welded into one solid piece. The kettle is furnished with a reinforced rim and a butterfly shaped pouring lip. It has a steam jacket rated for a design pressure of 50 PSIG. Kettle finish is 180 emery grit on the inside and bright semi-deluxe on the outside. A tilt handle on the TDB kettle allows the operator to manually tilt the kettle body in a controlled manner. Pouring height accepts pans up to four inches high on a table top.

A built-in steam generator, sized for the kettle capacity and heated by electricity, delivers steam into the jacket. “Airless” operation of the steam jacket permits uniform, efficient heating at temperatures as low as 150°F and as high as 295°F. In addition to the adjustable thermostat for operating control, the unit has a tilt cut-off switch, low water cut-off, pressure relief valve, and high-limit pressure switch as safety features. A heating indicator light, pressure gauge, and sight glass are provided for monitoring kettle operation.


Volts: 208. Hertz: 60. Three Phase. kW: 6.3.
Dimensions: 24"W x 18"D x 26"H.
Weight: 95 lbs.
UL Listed.

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