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18" X 26" Full Size Aluminum Perforated Sheet Pan - ALSP1826 (Pack of 12)


Sheet pans - sometimes called "baking sheets" or "cookie sheets" - are essential bakeware components in commercial kitchens. In addition to the more straightforward purposes they serve in preparing cookies, rolls, and buns, they are also handy for baking small confections and roasting meats and vegetables.

Perforated sheet pans like this one have rows of small holes that increase air flow underneath food.  The result is quicker, more thorough heating and generally crispier results. 

This perforated pan is the standard "full size" of 18" x 26".  Sides are 1" high.  Aluminum construction makes it lightweight.  The smooth rolled edges that fold downward along the pan's perimeter add durability and make it easy to clean.

Sold in packs of 12.