Acorto Concordia 2500i Commercial Espresso Machine Coffee System

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Bean Hoppers
-Each bean hopper holds approximately 2lbs of espresso beans.
Front Panel Door Latch/Lock
-The front panel latch and doors of the machine can be locked, providing security in a self-service environment.
Touch Pad
-The touch pad provides a user-friendly interface for selecting and pouring beverages.
Product Outlet
-The product outlet is where the selected drink is dispensed.
Electrical Enclosure and CPU
-Located behind the left door, the electrical enclosure houses the central processing unit.
Power Switch
-Located behind the left door, the power switch must be in the “ON” position for machine operation.
Drain Tray
-The drain tray directs spillage to the drain.
Grounds Bin
-Located behind the left door, the grounds bin catches the used espresso grounds.
Refrigeration Unit
-Located behind the right door, the on-board refrigeration unit holds two 1-gallon milk containers.
Air Filter
-Located behind the refrigeration unit, the air filter prevents dust and debris from entering the circulation fan.
-Cord and plug


Volts: 208. Hertz: 60. Single Phase. Amps: 24.
Dimensions: 24"W x 26"D x 36"H.
Weight: 273 lbs.

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