Adcraft HDS-1200W Commercial Hot Dog & Bun Steamer - 120 V

Adcraft HDS-1200W Commercial Hot Dog & Bun Steamer - 120 V

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-Body and lids are contructed of heavy duty stainless steel.
-Full view tempered glass on both the operator’s and customer’s side for merchandising.
-Seperate hot dog and bun compartment allows the user to control the level of steaming on each side.
-Top loading design allows for easy and safe access to your hot dogs and buns.
-Steams and cooks up to 100 standard sized hot dogs at one time.
-The bun compartment can hold 36-48 buns.
-Water pan holds up to 6 quarts of water for all day steaming.
-Heating system can cook the hot dogs in 20 minutes.
-Termperature range of 80°F-185°F.
-Humidty control system in bun compartment keeps buns fresh while your hot dogs steam.
-Bright and attractive graphics on both sides help get impulse buys.
-Front drain and plug for easy disposal of water.
-Bakelite knobs on top of the lids for safe opening.
-Lighted power switch.


Volts: 120. Hertz: 60. Single Phase. Watts: 1200. Amps: 10.
Dimensions: 18.25" W x 14.5" D x 15" H.
Hot Dog Compartment Dimensions: 6"W x 12"D x 8"H.
Bun Compartment Dimensions: 11"W x 12"D x 8"H.
Weight: 30 Lbs.

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