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APW Wyott M2000 Commercial Bun Toaster, 208V

SKU 12680
Standard Features

• The M-2000 Bun toaster can generate up to 1600 bun halves per hour.
• Fast heat-up allows your operation to react to surges in volume.
• Constructed with a special element embedded into the griddle plate to produce the most efficient heat.
• Initial bun placed in the toaster is perfectly caramelized in 17-18 seconds.
• Continuously feeding buns in the top slot will result in a toasted bun every 6-7 seconds.
• Patented “self-leveling” conveyor automatically adjusts to various sizes of buns, bagels, and Texas toasts.
• Butter roller and pan consistently covers buns with the perfect amount of butter.
• Durable nickel plated cast aluminum griddle plate is controlled with a solid state thermostat adjustable to temperatures between 200 and 575 degrees.
• Removable side panel allows easy access for service.
• Front panel is easy to remove. Conveyor belt lifts out for easy cleaning. Allows direct access to clean griddle surface.

Electrical Specifications;
M-2000: 208V, 2880W, 13.8Amps

M-2000: up to 1600 halves per hour

Overall Dimensions:
M-2000: 25 15/16”H x 23 1/2”W x 17 1/2”D