CAS LP-1000 Label Printing Scale

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-4,000 PLU’s (Items)
-1,000 Ingredient Messages
-54 Preset Keys
-30 Label Formats plus 6 Custom Labels
-Continuous Strip Label
-Print Ingredients with Labels 8000 & 8010
-Print Label with Backing Paper
-Net Weight Statement
-Pre-Pack Mode for Automatic Weighing/Labeling
-High Speed Printer
-Print Detailed Reports on label or full page
-Print Inhibition (Every field!)
-Password Function
-Diagnostic Feature
-Spanish Printing
-Flash ROM
-Software Included


Weighing Capacity: 30 x 0.01 lbs.
Display Type: Vacuum Florescent Display.
Measurement Type: Load Cell.
Printing Type: Thermal Print.
Data Transfer: PC to Scale, Scale to PC, Scale to Scale.
Volts: 120. Hertz: 60. Single Phase. Amps: .8. Watts: 100.
Platter Size: 15.75"W x 9.65"D. Label Size: 58 x 30mm ~ 58 x 100mm.
Dimensions: 16"W x 17"D x 7.5"H. Weight: 28.66 lbs.