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Free Shipping on All Compass Cooking & Refrigeration Equipment!

Dutchess Stainless Steel Replacement Pan for Dutchess Dough Divider

Standard Features

Pan measures 12-3/4 inches diameter on top outside (13-1/2 inches including handle), 12-3/8 inch diameter on bottom outside, 2-5/8 inch high.Operation of the Dutchess bench model Dough Divider is simple and itsperformance accurate. Dust the stainless steel panlightly with flour, and place the dough piece to be divided into the pan. Placethe stainless steel pan into the Dutchess Dough Divider, under the dividinghead, and pull the operating handle down. This flattens and distributes thedough evenly across the bottom of the pan.Springing the trip lever will release the stainless steel knives, and the operating handle can be pulled down all the way, bringing the stainless steel knives through the dough to the bottomof the pan, thus dividing the dough into equal parts.Raise the operating handle, and the spring action will hold the cutting head up, allowing the removal of the pan with the 36 evenly scaled pieces of dough.Dutchess Bench Dividers are built with precision fitted cutting heads, any part of which may be replaced in event of accidental breakage.