Enertron 490 Series 49040INW-L35 Induction Dark Sky Wall Pack Lamp

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-Ultra Long Lamp Life — 100,000 Hours or 11+ Years if in Use 24hrs/7day; if Use on Average is 10hrs/day, Life = 20 Years
-Induction Uses Half the Wattage of Metal Halide, But Produces Equivalent Lumens (VEL)
-Osram Icetron 5000K Lamp Included, Superior Lumen Maintenance, Consistent Color—80+ CRI
-Mercury is a Solid Amalgam for Easy Disposal, No Mercury Liquids
-40 Watt Will Replace Applications of 50 Watt to 70 Watt Metal Halide
-Osram Quicktronic Electronic Ballast, Multi-Voltage 120V-277V, Ballast Power Factor Minimum .95, THD Maximum 10%, Minimum Start Temperature -25º F
-UL Wet Location, Silicone Gasket Standard
-Die Cast Aluminum Housing with Coin Plugs on Sides and Back For Conduit, Aluminum Reflector, and Clear Tempered Glass Lens
-White Finish Housing (-W)
-UL Listed

Induction Defined:
Inductively Coupled Electrode-Less Lamp Uses Magnetic Induction Technology Instead of an Electrode at Each End of a Fluorescent Tube or Metal Halide Lamp to Generate Light. The Absence of Electrodes Allows for Much Longer Lamp Life.

Note: Brand new in the box go for around $270.


Lamp Type: 40 Watt.
Ballast Type: Electronic.
Watts: 40.
Ballast Voltage: 120-277.
Initial Lumens VEL/PL: 7,000.
Average Rated Life: 100,000 hours.
Dimensions: 14 1/2"W x 11 1/4"D x 9 1/4"H.