Groen AH/1E-20 Commercial 20 Gal Stationary, 2/3 Steam-Jacketed Gas Kettle

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-Kettle is sheathed in stainless steel
-Insulated canopy protects kettle body
-Hinged, dome one-piece cover
-Jacket fill assembly
-Thermostat dial
-Pressure gauge
-Power ON switch
-Heat indicator light
-Water sight gauge
-Tangent draw-off valve
-Gas pilot access door
-Gas pressure regulator
-Automatic gas valves
-Pressure limit switch
-Safety valve
-Low-water cutoff
-Electronic spark ignition
-Gas-heated, self contained steam source


Kettle Capacity: 20 gal.
Jacket Capacity: 4 1/2 gal.
Input Rate: 100,000 BTU/HR.
Max Working Pressure: 30 psi.
Reg. Outlet Pressure: 4 in. W.C.
Temperature Range: 150°F to 270°F.
Volts: 115. Hertz: 60. Single Phase.
Kettle Size: 20" diameter x 18" deep.
Dimensions: 39 1/2"W x 44 3/4"D x 40"H (73"H open).

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