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Hatco GR2SDH-30 Free-Standing Multi-Product Designer Horizontal Display Warmer

by Hatco
SKU 13177
Standard Features

- Models have pre-focused infrared top heat directing heat to the outer edges of the holding surface where heat loss is the greatest
- Thermostatically-controlled, hardcoated heated base has a temperature range of 185°- 200°F (85°- 93°C)
- Coated shatter-resistant incandescent lights enhance product display while safeguarding food products from bulb breakage
- NSF requires units over 36" (914 mm) in width or weighing more than 80 lbs. (36 kg) to be either sealed to the installation surface or raised with the 4" (102 mm) legs included
- Standard units shipped with: tempered glass side panels, a thermostatically controlled heated base, infrared upper heating elements, incandescent lights, product divider rods, 4" (102 mm) legs and a 6' (1829 mm) cord with plug.