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Hobart 84145-1 Commercial Food Cutter/Buffalo Chopper

by Hobart
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Standard Features

1/2 H.P. Motor
Durability, Reliability
Heavy-duty to meet the most demanding operations, fan cooled, permanently lubricated ball bearings, and totally enclosed within the machine.
Single-phase is capacitor-start, induction-run.
5 Pound Capacity
14" Stainless Steel Bowl
One-piece Burnished Aluminum Housing
Durability, Sanitation
One-piece base has no cracks or crevices to allow food product to hide
1725 RPM Knife Rotation
Bowl Cover Safety Interlock
Machine cannot be turned on until the bowl cover is locked down into position.
Bowl cover cannot be raised with the switch in the "ON" position
22 RPM Bowl Rotation
Pull/Push On/Off Switch
Double Cutlery Grade Stainless Steel Knives
Durability, Performance
Reduce food products to a uniformly small particle size for salads, spreads, bread crumbs and other imaginative recipes
Holds an edge longer resulting in fewer sharpenings
Removable Bowl Cover, Knives and Bowl Without the Use of Tools
Ease of Cleaning, Ease of Use

No tools needed to remove means less time and labor involved

Specifications SWITCH: Single-phase is double-pole single throw. The bowl cover and switch are interlocked so that the machine cannot be turned on until the bowl cover is locked in place, nor can the bowl cover be raised with the switch in the "ON" position.

BOWL: Rotates at 22 R.P.M. 14 15/16" inside diameter. Formed from a single sheet of stainless steel and easily removed for cleaning.

KNIVES: Rotate at 1725 RPM. The blades (made of special cutlery grade stainless steel) are secured to a hub as a unit, which may be removed from the knife shaft without change of knife clearance adjustment.

Comes with #12 Hub attachment

60 hertz, 115 volts, 1 phase, 7.8 amps
Dimensions: 18 1/4" wide, 31 /2" deep, 14 1/2" h
Weight: 100 Lbs.
NSF Approved, UL Listed
Made in USA