Lil' Orbits SS1200 Mini Donut W/ Down Draft Filtration & Fire Suppression System

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-Completely Automated...cooks both sides, then automatically flips out the cooked product into the receiving tray.
-Easy to Operate...a new operator can become skilled in minutes! Training -Variable Speed...solid state speed control varies from a tantalizing 1 donut per minute up to 1200 donuts per hour. You can pace output to demand and always get action attraction.
-Easy To Clean...only 7 basic components. Chains, sprockets and conveyor flights have been eliminated. A breeze to clean!
-Cash Control...tamper-proof digital counter keeps track of every donut made.
-Quality Control...solid state timing features control cooking time, so every donut comes out perfectly cooked for exact quality control.
-Universal Voltage...plugs into 115 VAC, 20 Amp circuit.
-Food grade stainless steel and aluminum construction.
-Sets Up In tools required.
-Modern Flotation System
-Minimum Maintenance


Volts: 200. Hertz: 60. 1 Phase.
Dimensions: 72-3/4" W x 24 1/2" D x 64" H.
Weight: 395 Lbs.

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