Omega VRT400HDS Masticating Juicer

Omega VRT400HDS Masticating Juicer

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The Omega VRT400HDS Juicer is Omega's newest single auger Heavy Duty juicer. Its low speed of 80 RPMs results in minimal heat build up and oxidation promoting healthy enzymes and longer lasting juices. Designed and engineered for health conscious individuals who want a greater variety in their daily juicing routine, the VRT 400HDS has the ability to juice everything from wheat grass, leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. Mixing juice is easy with the new juice flap. Close the flap, juice your produce, open the flap and release into a glass.

-Heavy Duty Juicing Screen and Auger
-80 RPM Operation for Optimal Efficiency
-Capable of Juicing Wheatgrass at High Yield
-Auto Cleansing System
-Juice Flap and Mixing Function
-Easy Assembly and Disassembly
-Reverse Mode in Case Food Gets Stuck
-Quiet Operation Due to Squeezing Slowly
-15 Year Warranty (Domestic)
-UL Listed

Note: Information is from Manufacturer's (Omega) Specification Sheet. Omega’s continuing commitment to quality products may mean a change in specification or pricing without notice.


Volts: 120. Hertz: 60. Single Phase. Watts: 150. HP: 1/5.
Dimensions: 7"W x 8 1/2"D x 15 1/2"H.
Weight: 11 lbs.