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Sammic XM-31 12" Variable Speed Standard-Duty Immersion Blender

by Sammic
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Suitable for food processing in containers and small bowls up to 32 quarts (8 gallons).
Professional hand blender designed for carrying out different preparations without the need for add-on tools.
Professional Y-blade, made from tempered steel and with a long-duration cutting edge.
12" Detachable arm with hood to avoid splashes
Intuitive use: very simple operation. LED warning light in two colors to indicate the status of the machine.
Click-on-arm: detachable arm with fast and secure closure.
Professional performance: capable of carrying out prolonged work without the casing overheating.
Life-plus: equipped with a motor which has passed all of the most demanding usage tests.
Studied geometry: casing designed to avoid rolling and falling.
Easy to clean: detachable arm can be cleaned under the tap.
12,000 RPM fixed speed motor
Approved by NSF: guaranteed safety and hygiene.