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Town V-1-SSN Commercial 1 Burner 13" Stainless Steel Chinese Wok Range

by Town
SKU 15467
Standard Features

• Heavy-duty stainless steel range deck
• Heavy gauge steel chassis
• Stainless steel front panel, side splashes & back splashes
• Stainless steel sides and legs with height-adjustment “bullets”.
• Each burner has individual main gas control valve with L-shaped
handle for knee operation. • All valves are solid brass and rated for high-temperature operation.
• Stainless steel strainer basket.
• Automatically timed valve for 5-10 second burst of cleaning.
• 8” wide stainless steel work/plating shelf.
• Wide choice of high BTU–input burners. Several burners are exclusive Town designs.
• Custom clog-resistant standing pilots with individual control valves.
• Chinese-style swing faucet for each chamber; can be easily replaced via the range front.
• Faucets are pre-plumbed (1¼” NPT) for ease of installation.
• Manifold complete with gas pressure regulator.

Natural Gas