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Free Shipping on All Compass Cooking & Refrigeration Equipment!

Used Bizerba VSI 330 F TW Vertical Meat Slicer With Conveyor

by Bizerba
SKU 11016
Standard Features

Designed for industrial production the VSI TW smoothly and flexibly integrates in your production lines. The VSI TW is impressive in terms of its high slicing performance at minimal power consumption. This is made possible by the intelligent motor control system, Emotion. It adapts the power of the extremely quiet motor to the resistance of the product. Even in the case of heavy use the machine remains cool, helping your products to stay fresh for longer.

Benefit from precise slicing results with every task. The device slices and weighs in a single work step. With an integrated tendency control the target weight is reached even when slicing naturally grown products. You avoid overfilling of same weight packages and increase your efficiency.

For modern and safe operation the VSI TW is fitted with an intuitively operable touch display. All slicing parameters and depositing patterns can be easily and individually entered or be called up as a saved PLU. Ideally suitable for consistently high product quality and quick order changes. The machine can also be efficiently cleaned in an industrial environment. This is possible thanks to its hygienic design.