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Free Shipping on All Compass Cooking & Refrigeration Equipment!

New Talsa MIX165SPV - 44-265 lb Meat Mixer - Two Motors, 3PH, 208V

Original price $11,245.00 - Original price $11,245.00
Original price
$11,245.00 - $11,245.00
Current price $11,245.00

Product Features

  • Two motors (paddle & bowl), 3PH, 208V
  • Exclusive patented double spoon helical paddle system for efficient mixing
  • Natural kneading action mimics human hand and arm movement, reducing kneading time by half
  • Ideal for ground meat and versatile for other food products
  • Paddle shape designed with the Fluids Department of Polytechnic University of Valencia, UPV
  • Central separation column inside the bowl for homogenizing
  • Arms made from food-grade polyamide (MIX40, 65, 95) or aluminum (MIX165)
  • Stainless steel or ABS plastic food-grade bowl
  • Side scraper for eliminating adhesions and unifying the mixture
  • Pneumatically assisted head opening with automatic safety stop
  • Easy cleaning with tiltable bowl and paddle, closed stainless-steel frame
  • Durable transparent food plastic lid with addition holes
  • Two stainless-steel wheels with brakes and two fixed wheels for easy movement
  • Control panel with hygienic, smooth 0-1 membranes and waterproof contactor case
  • Horizontal kneaders efficiently spread and mix dough