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Free Shipping on All Compass Cooking & Refrigeration Equipment!
Free Shipping on All Compass Cooking & Refrigeration Equipment!

Restaurant Equipment Repair Center

Restaurant Equipment Repair Center - Lombard, IL

City Food Equipment’s Repair Center services all makes and models of commercial restaurant and kitchen equipment for “hot-side” commercial cooking applications along with meat processing and bakery equipment. All repairs are done in-house by our factory-trained certified technicians. We serve customers throughout Chicago and the Suburbs of Illinois.

 Cooking Equipment Includes:

  • Ovens, Ranges, Grills, Griddles
  • Charbroilers, Fryers, Pizza Ovens
  • Kettles, Tilt Skillets, Proofers
  • Steamtables, Steamers, Rotisseries
  • Cheese Melters, Salamanders
  • Food Warmers, Panini Grills

Food Prep Equipment Includes:

  • Meat Grinders, Meat Mixers, Meat Tenderizers
  • Deli Slicers, Deli Scales, Meat Saws
  • Patty Machines, Sausage Stuffers
  • Dough Mixers, Dough Dividers
  • Food Processors, Blenders, Bread Slicers
Restaurant Equipment Repair Center at City Food Equipment Lombard IL

Restaurant Equipment Repair Center Location and Hours of Operation

The City Food Equipment's Restaurant Equipment Repair Center is located at 376 W North Avenue, Lombard, IL 60148.

Our repair center is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.

You can drop off restaurant equipment in need of repair during regular business hours or call for an appointment. 

Questions About Getting Your Restaurant Equipment Repaired?

City Food Equipment’s repair center services most brands of commercial equipment used in restaurants, bars, bakeries, meat markets, butcher shops, and grocery stores. You can speak to one of our repair service coordinators about your repair at (630) 613-8535. They can review our rates for servicing your equipment. Or schedule a time to drop off equipment at the repair center.

Call us today to schedule a repair of your restaurant equipment!

Call (630) 613-8535

Illinois Authorized Factory Service for Restaurant Equipment Repair

City Food Equipment’s Repair Center is an Illinois authorized factory repair location for many commercial restaurant equipment manufacturers. Including Warning Commercial, Robot Coupe, Oliver, Equipex, BarMaid, and others, providing warranty repair services of commercial kitchen and restaurant products. Typically the manufacture will list the City Food Equipment’s Restaurant Repair Center on their website under their service support section for Illinois. Call us if you have questions.

Call (630) 613-8535
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Value Added Services - That Save Money

City Food Equipment’s Repair Center offers several reconditioning options for equipment. These allow restauranteurs, grocery stores, bakeries, meat markets, and other foodservice establishments to save money versus purchasing new equipment or equipment accessories.

Rethreading for Meat Grinder Heads

The Problem – Meat grinder ring pops off because threads are worn out on head assembly

At some point, after many hours of using a meat grinder, the threads of the meat grinder head, also known as the feed tube, will weaken, distort, and bend enough that the threaded retaining ring meant to keep the internal parts of the plate, blade, and worm auger in place will not stay on. If this happens, the meat grinder is not unusable.

The Solution - There are only three options to fixing a meat grinder head with bad threads:

  • Buy a new meat grinder. $$$$$
  • Buy new head assembly and retaining ring. $$$$
  • Rethread meat grinder head assembly. $
Meat Grinder Head showing worn threads diagram - City Food Equipment

Call us today - find out more about meat grinder head rethreading!

Retinning & Rewiring – Mixer Bowls, Whips & More

Restore mixer bowls for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

City Food Equipment’s retinning process restores the tin plating on mixer bowls to the original finish, using only Grade A tin with a minimum purity level of 99.85%. It is a hot-dip process with a long-lasting finish approved by NSF and USDA. Retinning services also are available for meat grinder, bowl chopper, and meat saw components and parts.

Meat Grinder Head showing worn threads diagram - City Food Equipment

Call us today - find out more about meat grinder head rethreading!