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Meat Grinder Head Re-Threading

City Food Equipment Grinder Head Re-Threading Service

Does the ring on your grinder slip off the head? The most likely cause is stripped threads. After years of use, the once sharp threads on the head and ring become worn and smooth. They can no longer withstand the pressure as meat is pushed through the plate.

You don't need to replace that grinder, or even the head. You can send the head to us for rethreading. We'll even custom fit a new ring for it.

Easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Mail us your head.
  2. We re-cut the threads and fit a new ring.
  3. We mail your head back to you, ready for years of additional service.


Head Size Price
#12 $150
#22 $225
#32 $375
#52 $475
#56 $575