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Talsa, HH3 - Hamburger Former Device

by Talsa
SKU 262163612797

This device can only be used with TALSA hydraulic fillers/stuffers. The HH3 is the required device for the butchers who needs a simple and effective instrument to form burgers. The burger former device can be easily and completely taken apart to facilitate the cleaning.

This unit comes with one mold disk from the list below.

Disk 3 Ovals 4.33" x 3.15" x .59"
Disk 3 Ovals 4.33" x 3.15" x .39"
Disk 3 Circles 3.94" x .39"
Disk 3 Circles 3.54" x .59"
Disk 3 Circles 3.15" x .59"

Note: These units ship directly from Spain as a special order which cannot be canceled. Please call us for a lead time before placing an order.