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Talsa PF500 Manual Portioning Device

by Talsa
SKU 252466068101
Standard Features

The portioning device is an accessory that fits on the end of the meat barrel of the Talsa fillers/stuffers.

-Lever with forward/back position, obtains consistent volume dosage for varied thickness of mixtures required
(Frankfurt, pâté, foie-gras, salami, etc) where great precision in weight and length are needed.
-Mixture adjustment in doses of approximately 20 to 500 grams through the nut located on the shaft. Please Note: This item must be shipped from the factory to your location to get the free shipping and would take 2-3 weeks to get. Hawaii & Alaska excluded.

This device can only be used with TALSA hydraulic stuffers/fillers. The PF500 portioner is indispensable for the small to medium-scale production of equal portions of meat mixtures.

The portioner is easy to adjust, allowing the user to obtain portions for any type of sausage product ranging from 20 to 500 grams.

The PH500 portioner functions thanks to a cylindrical compartment divided into two smaller compartments with identical volumes. These can be adjusted to give portions of the desired size. The pressure provided by the filler/stuffer to which the portioner is attached propels the meat mixture into each of the two compartments alternately.

The mixture is then forced out of the portioner through a funnel. The time at which each of the two compartments is to be filled is controlled manually with the control lever of the portioner.

The portioner can be used with all types of minced meats or fine pastes.

The thicker the product to be measured out, the more precise the portions will be.

The portioner allows the user to obtain portions of identical volume, a fact that does not imply that the portions will always have the same diameter or length.

These dimensions will depend on the type of mixture and casings used.

The portioner should not be used for extremely compact or fluid mixtures such as cheese, sauce, fruit preserves, etc. Any use of the portioner on materials for which it has not been designed will be the sole responsibility of the user. The portioner can be easily and completely taken apart to facilitate cleaning. The materials used (stainless steel, aluminum and polyethylene) have all been approved for alimentary use.