Talsa RGA-335 Commercial 88 Gal. Automatic Gas Cooker, 1PH - 220V

Talsa RGA-335 Commercial 88 Gal. Automatic Gas Cooker, 1PH - 220V

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-Greater kcal gas power improves cooking time. Comforms to the norm EN 203-2-3/6. 10 energy efficiency.
-Advanced, fully automatic gas ignition with multi spark discharge no pilot light. Stainless steel burnera.
-Time required ti heat chamber filled with cold water, from 68°F to 194°F: ‹70 minutes if thermal tranfer fluid is cold; or ‹40 minutes if thermal transfer fluid is hot. Less if filled with pre-heated water.
-Taps built into the front for direct filling with either hot or cold water. The ability to fill with hot water significantly reduces cooking time.
-An Echtermann-Germany hinge allows the cover to effortlessly open, close, move and remain open at any angle 20-85°.
-Safety front draining tap to prevent accidental opening.
-Two internal safety thermostats: one automatic and adjustable; the other fixed with manual reset.
-Configurable for any type of low-pressure gas: Natural G20, Propane G31 or Butane G30(please specify).
-All Stainless steel AISI304 construction, including interior, no common steel parts.
-All models include an intermediate stainless steel thermal oil chamber, internal expansion chamber, Shell high-performance thermal fluis and internal drainage tap. The thermal oil chamber allows uniform heat distribution for better cooking and practically eliminates the possibility of burning foods.
-All models have an Automatic time and temperature Aditec(Germany) control.
-The container's rounded corners make for easy cleaning of both the exterior and interior.
-NGI Denmark s/s rounded and adjustable feet in order to precisely level the cooker.
-Must be installed only by a licensed gas technician. Installation requires: a commercial flue to exhaust combustion gases/smoke, 220V single phase electrical outlet, access to hot/cold water and drainage system.
-Sides and cover are isolated with fireproof fiberglass and aluminum sheathing. Fireproof silicone wiring.


-Stainless steel basket 3/10" holes (requires commercial hoist for extraction). Manual core probe.

Warranty: 1 Year parts


Capacity: 88 gal.
kW: 38.2. Burners: 4. Thermal Fluid: 17.6 gal/127 lbs.
Dimensions: 50" W x 42" D x 43" H.
Weight: 812 Lbs.

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